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    Grease Trap Plumbing and Installation Service

    Grease Management Solutions is a name considered to be the synonym of high quality. Since its beginning, our company had only ups and they never looked back. Quality, reliability and affordability were their watchwords, from the very beginning. Grease Management Solutions offers a specialty grease trap installation service catering to restaurants and other food servicing companies.

    Compared to grease interceptors, the cost for installing a grease trap is enormously less but, in many cities installation of a grease trap may not be an option.  Grease traps are typically installed inside the facility, under the sink or underground ranging in from 5-50 gallon per minute. Depending on the size of the sink or the amount of compartments is currently has, this will allow us to determine which size will best suit your needs or in many cases cities will mandate a specific specification based on current regulations.

    When we install grease traps we make sure that it is put in properly and that it will not malfunction later in the future.  It is necessary that the pipelines are properly sloped and ventilated correctly to eliminate problems such as: clogging, overflows, slow drains, and odor occurrence.

    From new installations to replacements of grease traps, we are here to help. Contact us to learn more about our grease trap installation service.

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